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Editor’s Notes and Disclosure: The author holds no business stakes or dividends at the startup. This article is an informative one. Both the author and Decentral Magazine encourage our readers to seek advice from a financial advisor and do their due diligence before considering any investment.

Artificial intelligence (AI) software are likely to become the most disruptive forces in technology in the coming decade. Early examples include Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and IBM Watson. AI is quickly becoming a part of every company’s operations, this progress brings its own challenges. The most pressing problem is the availability of well-labeled data to support the supervised learning process.

Neuromation is a platform on Ethereum blockchain, that enables building a library of synthetic data using the computing power of private and commercial mining service providers. Neuromation is offering a unique solution that unites market resources, scientific community, and private entities into an integrated marketplace – the Neuromation Platform.

Project Services

Neuromation will synthesize large volumes of data with perfectly accurate markings without any inaccuracies arising from human factors. Besides, it will provide effective training of large capacity and in-depth neural network. It’s also expected to replace costly and slow crowdsourcing with a fast, efficient and accurate tool for creating and marking data.

In addition to that, the platform will use distributed processing of data and proof-of-work blockchain tokens, which can facilitate the transformation of the process of developing AI models by combining components necessary to create solutions in the field of in-depth entraining. Neuromation will work with service providers (commercial and private) that will provide resources for creating artificial data sets, implementation of distributed computing services, and developing machine learning models.
Each of these services will be paid for by the domestic currency of the platform i.e. Neurotoken tokens. Platform users will be able to buy tokens on a Neuromation client portal using a simple and intuitive interface.

The Team

Speaking of the project strengths, we note that the team has all the necessary skills for a successful start and further development; the project’s media (marked by various awards) and the upcoming Token Sale are carried out to a high level.

Maxim Prasolov – CEO has been working for Neuromation since February 2017. He is the number one responsible for the project and marketing overall strategy.

Constantine Goltsev – Chairman, an investor at Neuromation. He is a professional entrepreneur in the online advertising industry. He also has more than twenty years of experience developing software and products.

Fedor Savchenko – CTO, More than twenty years of managing complex software development projects with an emphasis on computer graphics, 3D engines, production of CGI and virtual reality (VR).

Sergey Nikolenko – Chief Research Officer. Responsible for research in machine learning. Author of more than 120 scientific works, several books, popular courses “Machine learning”, “Training of in-depth networks”. He also has an extensive experience participating in commercial projects (SolidOpinion, Deloitte Analytics Institute).


The project’s final goal is to create a distributed platform based on a blockchain.  Neuromation covers all the aspects of a future ecosystem for artificial data. It enables users to create large dataset generators, in-depth training models, and to trade datasets and models.

The founders believe that Neuromation can become a recognized business partner in developing the potential for artificial intelligence use after 2018. Neurotokens will be the main mechanism of exchange, allowing generation of artificial data, implementing the distributed training of models, the marking of data and other services in the field of artificial intelligence. The project is also planning to become a global pool of resources in the field of artificial data, some kind of constantly replenished library which will have data sets for any possible case.

Neurotokens are planned to be placed on exchanges in the first quarter of 2018. Thus, the project has clear and transparent development plans.

Token ICO

  • Token: NTK
  • Start date: January 7, 2017
  • End date: February 15, 2017
  • Min transaction: no restrictions
  • Token price: 1 NTK = 0.001 ETH
  • Hard cap: 130,000 ETH
  • Accepted payment: ETH

Structure of distribution of funds raised during the token sale
● At least 40% – platform development.
● Up to 40% – liquidity reserve (prepayment for server capacity).
● 10% – PR and Neuromation marketing services.
● 10% – remuneration to partners / consultants / early investors.

Tokens assigned to the team as a reward will be frozen for a period of up to 24 months with a monthly partial release for the entire period.

Token investment attractiveness

NTK Tokens are infrastructural and do not give their holders ownership or voting rights. The project does not confer any rights to receive dividends. However, the smart token contract will contain a built-in function to reduce the amount of NTK in free circulation over the next 3 years. Thus, the growth in token price will be affected by the growth in the number of users on the platform. The whitepaper presents forecast models of token demand. According to the presented information, demand for NTK will exceed supply by 4 times in 2018, and by 90 times in 2020.  It can also be noted that a bonus system is provided for investors participating in the ICO.


The project is entering a dynamically developing market with impressive growth rates, which will remain high in the coming years. Achieving the status of a key international service for artificial intelligence is one of the main objectives of Neuromation. Their plans to capture the market are optimistic and realistic. At the end of the first year, the total volume of transactions on the platform is expected to be $71 million. Finally, each subsequent year (until 2022), use of the platform will increase by 3-5 times.

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