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UTToken is a project from United Traders – a dynamically developing company founded in 2009 with the use of blockchain technology in the field of investment and financial markets. Most noteworthy, it is entering a market showing high growth rates, a tendency that is likely to continue in the future. 

We highlight the great level of professionalism among the team. due to The fact that management staff has been working together for a long time and have successfully developed a business, implies implementing this project at a serious level.

Project Services:

United Traders is a proprietary trading company. Furthermore, it is also a software developer for trading. The project is a program aiming to solve a number of tasks in order to expand the business in three directions: 

  •    United Traders Investment Marketplace as a meeting place for investors and business.
  •    UTEX crypto exchange, an area where cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens will be traded.
  •    Creating a Mega Dictionary – multilingual information portal.

The project will allow:

  •    Companies to expand their client bases and increase market share.
  •    Businesses to attract capital on optimal terms.
  •    Investors to participate in new market projects for attracting financial resources on favorable terms.

The following software products from the company support the entire trading cycle:

Arche – Client application for trading on NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges.

Aurora – A multi-market platform which is the flagship product of the company, supporting work with NYSE, NASDAQ.

Aurora manager – A platform with the ability to manage a group of traders, brokerage clients or multiple accounts of one asset manager.

Trader account – a reporting tool for traders on Arche, Aurora, Sterling trader PRO, Laser trade, Fusion, and Shiva.

The Educational platform holds courses for beginners in the proprietary trading system, with the provision of capital for all students.

UT Magazine – An information and analytical portal designed to bring traders and investors together.

Investment Marketplace United Traders – this is a kind of online store for investment ideas on the one hand, and a platform for the presentation of ideas on the other, with each idea being evaluated by experts, whose role at the initial stage is performed by UT employees.

The Team  

The United Traders team have successfully and consistently implemented all stages of development throughout the company’s existence; a competent approach to project management, goal setting, budgeting, and promotion strategies.

The team comprises of 64 specialists; experienced traders, marketers, technical specialists, sales managers, analysts, and designers. Whereas the management of United Traders consists of 3 of the most experienced traders who have worked in the US and Canada-based proprietary trading companies, as well as a technical director with a long experience as a developer and software architect.


The documentation and the website contain all necessary information about the future development of the project. In addition, the short, medium and long-term plans are examined in detail.

Investment Marketplace:

This element of the platform has been operational since 2012. In October 2017, the company created an internal component of the platform for investors. It is intended to develop the platform in the direction of improving its functionality with the Implementation of the following services in this sequence:

–     Enabling users to offer their investment ideas.

–     Assessment of ratings for peer review.

–     Ability to save a rating in the blockchain database.

–     Voting for placing ideas on the platform.

According to the founders, the next stage in the development of the crypto industry may be the tokenization of shares in private companies; the platform is planning to increase investment ideas related to the shares of non-public companies and provide an opportunity to sell these shares to other platform users. After the ICO, it will be possible to pay all commissions in UT Tokens providing a discount on payment which will make the platform use more profitable. The company is aiming to attract between 30,000 to 100,000 active users by the end of 2018.

Token ICO:

  • Token: UTT                                                
  • Start date: 30.11.2017 09:00 GMT                 
  • End date:  24.12.2017 23:59 GMT
  • Min transaction: 0.1 ETH
  • Token price: 500 UTT = 1ETH
  • Hard cap: 130,000 ETH
  • Accepted payment: ETH, BTC, USD, EUR.

Token investment attractiveness:

The tokens of United Traders do not fall under the status of Security making them absolutely legal. Therefore, it attracts the largest and most important partners for development of the platform (exchanges, hedge fund, and financial institutions).

According to the Howey Test, the UTT Token will not be recognized with a probability of 80%. UTT tokens are completely infrastructural. The entire volume of services sold on the United Traders platform is paid for with UTT Tokens, which will become a single payment method for all modules. Consequently, if the volume of services sold increases, the total value of tokens also increases. (The white paper details the use of tokens on the platform). Hence, ensuring the maximum liquidity of UTT Tokens both in the secondary market (crypto exchanges) and within the framework of the United Traders ecosystem.


The crypto market is attractive for many players, and more and more intend to take advantage of blockchain and integrate it into projects giving access to their own trading platforms. As a result, more and more crypto exchanges are in demand, and their appearance becomes more necessary.

Also, the concept and tools offered by the United Traders developers are absolutely necessary for the further development of the ecosystem of the entire crypto market, since the modules created by United Traders within the framework of its platform will undoubtedly attract large amounts of capital and serve them in conditions that require large-scale business projects.

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