ICO top picks – Full review of the upcoming Solar Bankers ICO

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Website: https://solarbankers.com/

Whitepaper: https://solarbankers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/SB-White-Paper_version2.pdf

Pre-ICO: Raised 150 BTC and 1200 ETH (6.2 Million tokens from 18 Million offered).

ICO facts: 97 Million tokens for sale, started November 22nd, closes December 31st, 2017. 

Token type: SunCoin Token, built on Sky-Ledger, a third generation blockchain platform.

Initial token price: 0.000216 BTC.

In a nutshell: Provides entrepreneurial opportunities to produce, and trade solar energy on micro-grids.

Editor’s Notes and Disclosure: The author holds no business stakes or dividends at the startup. This article is an informative one. Both the author and Decentral Magazine encourage our readers to seek advice from a financial advisor and do their due diligence before considering any investment.

The first thing that struck me when reviewing this ICO was the Solar Bankers website. A net, tidy and user-friendly website available in 7 different languages. While I couldn’t pinpoint one single typo in the Japanese or Chinese versions, it’s still a way to stress the international presence indeed.

The ICO Whitepaper is result-oriented by all means. A catchy read of 14 pages of top-shelf quality, in an informative, exquisite writing that exudes experience and proper development.

Solar Bankers is a very interesting project that started back in 2008, with VC investment to build cutting-edge equipment for Solar Energy production. It now embraces the Sky-Ledger’s third generation blockchain platform as an energy-trading grid.

The Team behind Solar Bankers

It’s an impressive team of entrepreneurs, salesmen, engineers, and blockchain developers that make you reconsider your entire existence and groan with regrets of procrastination and unfulfilled potential. CEO & founder is Mr. Alfred Jost, an international entrepreneur (German Citizen) and expert in solar energy markets who had successfully established and managed more than ten companies and took the humble decision to brag about accumulating profits in excess of £100 million. I wonder what the Internal Revenue Service is still chasing me down for.

 How does it work?

Members of the pool will use Solar Bankers’ SunCoin token, to either purchase Solar Bankers’ energy-generating technology (with the intent of generating their own energy), or to buy clean electricity, or both.

Solar Bankers puts forth a system that promises significant efficiency gains and boosts growth in small-scale solar energy production.

These efficiencies are traced back to:

  • using smart contracts for energy trade and supplies allocation;
  • allowing energy producers to trade their excess production;
  • reducing energy transportation costs through local grid structures.

The “SunChain” Ecosystem

Solar Bankers crafted a fancy and comprehensive ecosystem for their business model. It embodies a Microgrid, a set of proprietary solar technology equipment, a smart meter, and a SunCoin token. Let’s dig deeper into details.

The SunChain Microgrid

The SunChain Microgrid is designed to enable clean energy producers to reduce the production and distribution costs. This is done by linking energy producers with energy buyers within the same community. These local energy networks may be powered by Solar Bankers’ photovoltaic technology. Incentives are provided to encourage the purchase of energy generating hardware using SunCoin, and ultimately contribute to the global growth of SunChain’s energy-producing networks.

Proprietary Hardware & Technology

  • Holographic solar panel

This is like the slam dunk in basketball: a total game changer! 30% more efficient at high temperatures, utilizes 75% less silicon, and offered at half the standard solar modules price, with an astonishing certified durability of more than 25 years.

  • The Umbrella

This is a concentrator for the existing solar modules. Engineered to increase output by capturing more light. It promises a 300% increase in power output while reducing the temperature of existing panels to increase efficiency. Because when the sun shines, we shine together! The umbrella’s typical sketch is provided below.

Umbrella Solar Modules
Solar Panel’s Umbrella (source: Solar Banker’s ICO Whitepaper)
  • A Self-cleaning & insulating film

Designed to save 30% of energy, and 50% on maintenance costs. Sometimes, the simplest innovations speak louder to engineers and investors alike! Here is the sketch

Cleaning & Insulation Film
Cleaning & Insulation Film (source: Solar Banker’s ICO Whitepaper)
  • Energy generating window

That’s right, freshly out of a sci-fi, dodge this! This brilliant idea promises 30% electricity cost reduction by generating electricity from sunlight in a geeky-sexy fashion, and for a comparable price to standard windows.

  • Light recycling module

The cherry on your whiskey sour is a module that recycles artificial light back into electricity saving 15% of your electricity bill on the go. They just took care of your next Netflix & Chill pizza. Just deal with the next morning guilt.

Light Recycling Module
Light Recycling Module (source: Solar Banker’s ICO Whitepaper)

Smart Meters

Solar Bankers’ smart meters regulate the distribution of electricity. These devices record energy production and consumption within a particular nucleus (house, building, solar park etc.) and distribute the energy among the different nodes within the network.

Solar Bankers Smart Meters
Smart Meters (source: https://solarbankers.com/)

The SunCoin Token

A Total Supply of 300,000,000 SunCoins is available and allocated as follows:

  • 62% for founders, escrow, legal and bounty
  • 38% for pre-ICO & ICO combined.

BTC, ETH or DASH payments are accepted.

Solar Banker's Token Allocation
Token Allocation (source: https://solarbankers.com/) 

Milestones & road ahead

  • September and October of 2017 have seen a successful pre-ICO fundraiser, selling 6.2 Million tokens for a value of 150 BTC and 1200 ETH.
  • The Initial Coin Offering is currently happening (November 22nd to December 31st, 2017) with 97 M tokens put to sale, and great marketing incentives brought about weekly. The Current token price is 0.000216 BTC. The current bonus is a great 40% discount that expires on December 1st, 2017. The minimum contribution is fixed at 0.001 BTC (or equivalent in ETH/DASH)
  • An Inauguration Dubai Project is planned for January 2018, and 2 others are to be held during 2018 (a Pilot Test in Turkey in Q1, and a Pilot Test in China in Q2).

Our final verdict

It’s one of those projects to make the top picks and be the next big thing. The company is solid in business and offers an impressive know-how and capability. The whitepaper is worth reading and highly professional. Straight-to-the-point, cutting the jibber jabber, it makes its point loud and clear.

It would have been better to present an initial version of the mobile app for ICO buyers, to get a full grasp of the project aim and capabilities.

Step-by-step guide: how to buy SunCoins

  • Download the SunCoin Wallet here
  • Create your personal wallet, to get your address
  • Buy tokens here by entering your personal information, and wallet address. You’re good to go.

Useful links

Whitepaper                  Blog                 Telegram

Facebook                     Twitter              Github

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